Multi-client support

DBLBot was designed to support multiple clients at the same time.
With help of our software you will be able to farm multiple tasks at the same time, share cave with your characters while following same waypoints and more!


Create your own actions based on provided functions. Play alarms, use spells, toggle bot functionality.
Define your own playstyle by creating your own spell usage or play sound when that nasty Boss is on screen!

Built-in healer

Forget about your health and energy bar, DBLBot will automatically use spells and items for you exactly at the time needed.
Easy to configure built-in healer will take care of you not dying, while you can enjoy gaming without constant key tapping.

Built-in cavebot

Record or input waypoints manually for your character to follow and don't waste any more of your precious time!
Let your character gain experience by itself while you play another game or study in a meanwhile.